Test series


Shri Rajiv Gandhi Banking Academy’s IBPS RRB PO 2024 Test Series is designed to help aspirants prepare for the competitive examination by providing a simulated exam environment. The test series includes a variety of mock tests, practice papers, and study materials that closely resemble the actual IBPS RRB PO examination. This comprehensive preparation package is aimed at helping candidates gain confidence and excel in the upcoming exam.

Syllabus Explanation:

The syllabus for the IBPS RRB PO 2024 examination typically includes the following subjects:

Reasoning Ability: This section tests the candidate’s logical and analytical reasoning skills. Topics may include puzzles, seating arrangements, coding-decoding, inequalities, syllogism, and more.

Quantitative Aptitude: The quantitative aptitude section assesses the candidate’s mathematical and numerical abilities. Topics covered include arithmetic, data interpretation, number series, simplification, and more.

English Language:This section evaluates a candidate’s proficiency in the English language. It includes questions related to reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and sentence rearrangement.

General Awareness: This section tests the candidate’s knowledge of current affairs, banking, and general awareness. It includes questions on current events, banking and financial awareness, and important national and international news.

Computer Knowledge:This section assesses the candidate’s basic knowledge of computer systems, software, and terminology.

Professional Knowledge (for certain posts): Candidates applying for specific RRB officer posts may have a section testing their professional knowledge in areas like finance, agriculture, marketing, etc.

Preparation Tips:

Understand the Syllabus: Begin by understanding the IBPS RRB PO 2024 syllabus thoroughly to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Mock Tests: Regularly practice mock tests and previous years’ question papers to become familiar with the exam pattern.

Time Management: Learn to manage your time efficiently during the examination, as it is a critical factor in success.

Strengthen Weak Areas: Work on improving your weaker subjects and topics through focused study and practice.

Stay Updated: Keep up with current affairs and banking news to perform well in the general awareness section.

Professional Knowledge:If applicable, focus on your professional knowledge and stay updated with industry-specific information.

Regular Revision: Regularly revise what you’ve learned to retain the information and concepts.