Test series


The IBPS PO exam is divided into three main phases:

Preliminary Examination:

English Language

Quantitative Aptitude

Reasoning Ability

Main Examination:

English Language

Data Analysis & Interpretation

General Awareness

Reasoning & Computer Aptitude

Interview/Group Exercise

Mock Tests:

The test series includes a wide range of mock tests for both Preliminary and Main examinations, giving aspirants ample opportunities to practice and assess their skills.

These mock tests are designed to simulate the actual exam environment, helping candidates become familiar with the test format.

Detailed Solutions:

After each test, detailed solutions are provided, allowing candidates to understand their mistakes and learn from them.

These solutions are accompanied by expert tips and strategies to help improve performance.

Real-Time Analytics:

 Aspirants can track their progress through real-time performance analytics, identifying strengths and weaknesses in specific areas.

This data-driven approach aids in creating a tailored study plan.

Topic-wise Practice:

The test series offers topic-wise practice tests to strengthen specific subject areas.

 Aspirants can focus on their weak points and enhance their overall competency.

All-India Ranking:

Shri Rajiv Gandhi Banking Academy’s test series provides aspirants with an All-India ranking to gauge their performance against a vast pool of candidates.

This ranking can boost motivation and help identify areas for improvement.

Exam Strategy and Guidance:

The academy provides valuable insights into effective exam strategies and time management techniques.

Expert guidance is available for interview and group exercise preparation.

Current Affairs Updates:

Regular updates on current affairs are included to help aspirants stay updated with the latest events and developments in the banking and financial sector.